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Environmental MITIGATION & Restoration 

Our team has completed the construction of a variety of different structures including; bridges, docks, piers and jetties. We also specialize on artificial reef construction and have performed underwater repairs on pump stations, bridges, seawalls, bulkheads, boat ramps, boat locks and other water control and marine structures.

Callaway Marine Technologies, Inc. has been performing underwater inspections of coastal and marine structures for over 20 years. Inspections are supervised by licensed professional engineers. Our inspectors have experience inspecting pipelines, bridges, port facilities, pump stations, culverts, spillways, weirs, boat locks and other water control and marine structures.

CMT has always been at the forefront of Florida's environmental mitigation and restoration initiatives. We completed the first large-scale,  FDEP led coral reef restoration project in the Southeast Florida Reef Tract and are partnered with NOAA, FWC, and FDEP on the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease Coral Rescue Project.


Our firm specializes in providing innovative engineering solutions to coastal and offshore problems. CMT also provides consulting services for environmental projects with special emphasis on developing plans, construction methods, logistics and equipment operation for work that takes place in or near environmentally sensitive areas.