Callaway Marine Technologies, Inc.

About  Us

Callaway Marine Technologies Inc. (CMT) was founded in 2000 to provide quality technical solutions for a wide range of services including:

  • ​Ocean & Coastal Engineering
  • ​Underwater structure inspection
  • ​Large diameter pipeline inspection and cleaning
  • ​Dam & Levee inspection and repair
  • ​Coral Reef Restoration
  • Artificial reef construction
  • Construction and repair of water control structures
  • Soil stabilization and erosion control
  • Environmental monitoring and mitigation
  • Regulatory permitting and engineering design


The firm’s  focus is on environmentally sensitive projects taking place near protected resources (i.e. coral reefs, seagrass communities, mangroves, wetlands). Our staff of highly qualified professionals is carefully selected for their extensive experience in a variety of disciplines. Our staff has participated in several “firsts” and pioneering projects in coral reef restoration, inspection and remote cleaning of large diameter pipe, underwater structure inspection and repair.