Callaway Marine Technologies, Inc.



  • City of Delray Sewall Repair and Dock Replacement: Callaway Marine Technologies was contracted to set new city sea wall elevations to +3.87 NAVD 88 and to replace the existing dock at Veterans Park in the City of Delray.

  • Port of Miami Bulkhead Repairs Phase II: Callaway Marine Technologies was contracted to perform repairs on the north bulkhead at the Port of Miami. CMT performed an underwater inspection of the site. All information collected during CMT’s inspection was used to determine the proper materials and methodologies to repair these deficiencies. The repair activities included; 1) cleaning of the seawall; 2) welding galvanized steel plates to cover the existing holes; 3) and pumping grout to fill the voids behind the plates. Once repairs had been performed CMT performed a post construction inspection to document all repairs.

  • Port of Miami Bulkhead Repairs Phase III: Callaway Marine Technologies was contracted to perform repairs on a bulkhead at the Port of Miami. The repairs included underwater welding of galvanized steel plates and pumping of grout to fill voids behind the plates.  

  • Port Manatee Berth Repairs: Callaway Marine Technologies performed underwater repairs of a berth at Port Manatee. CMT performed an underwater inspection of the damaged areas to determine the proper materials and methodologies for the repairs.  The repairs included the underwater welding of repair plates and pumping high strength cementitious grout to fill voids behind the wall.

  • Homestead Air Force Pump Station Refurbishment: The work performed by CMT included inspections of the underwater portions of the structure including the pumps and concrete components to assess and quantify the extent of repairs needed. CMT divers directed crane operations to remove the three 48 inch diameter hydraulic pumps. Divers also removed damaged concrete and gate structures in preparation for repairs.


  • Peanut Island: CMT’s portion of this project involved construction of a 7000 ton stone jetty, a floating dock, three pedestrian bridge abutments, and a 275 foot concrete pier that also serves as a breakwater. The project required coordination with the Army Corps of Engineers, Palm Beach County, and the prime contractor on scheduling and environmental protection measures. The logistics of this island project were challenging. All equipment, materials and personnel had to be brought onsite by boat or barge.


  • Bocaire Golf Course Bridges Installation: Work performed by CMT included the construction of two concrete arch bridges at the Bocaire Country Club.  This included construction of concrete abutments and precise placement of two 30,000 lbs. concrete arches for the bridge spans.


  • Linton Bridge Repair: CMT was contracted by Palm Beach County Road & Bridge Division to repair Pier No. 1 pile cap of the Linton Beach Blvd. Bridge. The pier, which supports one of the major support pilings for the bridge, had extensive cracking and spalling thought to be a result of insufficient steel reinforcement. The repair consisted of core drilling through the 10 foot square, 5 foot high, pile cap and installing post tensioning rods at 8 locations. The rods were post tensioned to 84,000 pounds each. One inch bearing plates were installed at the ends of the rods, and the entire structure was encased in concrete to complete the repair.


  • Reverse Osmosis Ocean Outfall Installation: CMT was contracted to install an offshore pipeline diffuser and provide marine support for Mastec North America during the directional drilling installation of 2200 feet of 12 inch HDPE pipe. CMT supplied a tug and 190’ x 54’ ABS barge equipped with a four point mooring system and a 100 ton crane. CMT also provided scuba and surface supplied dive support during all phases of construction including layout/survey, punch-out, and pipeline installation. As part of the environmental protection requirements for the project, CMT designed and constructed a 70’x 12’ coffer cell offshore to serve as a containment area during punch-out of the drill stem. After successful installation of the coffer cell and pipeline, CMT installed the diffuser section and 18” concrete support pilings.


  • S-5A Boat Ramp: This project was completed for South Florida Water Management District, and consisted of removal of a damaged boat ramp and salvage of the existing articulated concrete mats for reuse in the new design. The area was backfilled with suitable material, compacted and fine graded before re-installation of the mats underwater. Excess fill was used to widen the adjacent levee. A new concrete slab was poured from the top of the ramp to 2 feet underwater where the slabs met the mat. Environmental measures on the project included turbidity control and monitoring as well as protection of resident wildlife.


  • Cloister Towers Outfall Installation  Cloister Towers Condominium operates an 8-inch offshore outfall to remove fresh water used for the buildings air conditioning system. Over the years storm damage had considerably shortened the length of the outfall. A recent beach nourishment project extended the beach covering the end of the outfall, preventing its operation. After hiring a contractor who failed to complete the work, the owner contracted CMT on an emergency basis to prevent loss of air-conditioning to the condos several hundred elderly residents. CMT mobilized immediately, excavating a trench through the beach that allowed continued system operation. The outfall pipe was then extended 150 feet and piling installed to support the pipe. Installation was completed while keeping the system in operation.


  • STA-2 Modifications: Work performed by CMT staff included the installation of slide gates on District owned water control structures at STA-2.


  • Lock S-65A Fender System Installation: CMT installed a new fender system for the S65A Lock. Work included the installation of approximately sixty 18 in. concrete piling, associated timber components and structural hardware.