CMT has successfully performed a variety of different underwater construction, installation and structure repair projects.  All our personnel are carefully selected for their experience and qualifications. Our team has completed the construction of a variety of different structures including; bridges, docks, piers and jetties. We have performed underwater repairs on pump stations, bridges, seawalls, bulkheads, boat ramps, boat locks and other water control and marine structures.  In addition, the CMT team has successfully completed offshore outfall pipeline installations. Our team has extensive concrete experience, including new construction and underwater concrete repairs using varying types of concrete, and specialty mixes. 







Callaway Marine Technologies, Inc.

Callaway Marine Technologies, Inc. has been performing underwater inspections of coastal and marine structures for 20 years. CMT’s inspection team is comprised of qualified professionals and commercial divers carefully selected for their knowledge of coastal and marine structures. Inspections are supervised by professional engineers. Our inspectors have over 60 years of combined experience inspecting pipelines, bridges, port facilities, pump stations, culverts, spillways, weirs, boat locks and other water control and marine structures. Our dive inspection team’s experience with the design, construction, repair, and operation of these structures allows them to efficiently locate, properly identify and comprehensively document deficiencies and collect required data used to determine the overall condition of these structures.

CMT incorporates the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROV) to expand and enhance our inspection capabilities. ROV’s are used to increase our range of operations, allowing safe inspections in hazardous and confined areas, long pipe and tunnel penetrations, and deep water investigations. The ROV can be used to perform entire inspections or in support of our divers to provide an additional level of observation and safety.

Our firm provides high quality technical solutions for a variety of environmental marine and coastal projects. A primary focus is implementation of projects in environmentally sensitive areas. These have included consulting, restoration and mitigation projects that take place near protected resources, including coral reefs, seagrass, mangroves and wetlands. Our team has provided mitigation required for dredging, beach nourishment and other construction contracts. In addition, CMT also performs environmental monitoring services including turbidity monitoring for dredging projects and natural resource surveys including seagrass surveys, natural hardbottom monitoring, benthic resource surveys, and monitoring of artificial and natural coral reef habitats.

Our qualified staff has experience with many “firsts” and pioneering projects in coral reef restoration, seagrass restoration and other environmental mitigation projects. CMT completed the first large-scale,  FDEP led coral reef restoration project in the Southeast Florida Reef Tract and is currently partnered with NOAA, FWC and FDEP on the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease Coral Rescue Project.

Callaway Marine Technologies Inc. (CMT) provides engineering and consulting services to government agencies, private entities and other engineering and construction firms. Our firm specializes in providing innovative engineering solutions to coastal and offshore problems. CMT also provides consulting services for environmental projects with special emphasis on developing plans, construction methods, logistics and equipment operation for work that takes place in or near environmentally sensitive areas. The firm has provided engineering and consulting services for reef restoration projects associated with ship groundings and anchor damage.


Our multi-disciplinary approach provides turn key solutions that include the inspection, evaluation, repair design and implementation  for erosion control problems, shoreline stabilization, structure protection, and the protection of fiber optic cables and pipelines.