• South Florida Water Management District's Structure Inspection Program: CMT has inspected over 500 water control structures (including but not limited to: weirs, pump stations, spillways, culverts) as part of the client's Structure Inspection Program. The information gathered during these inspections is critical in helping the client ensure the operational and structural integrity of these structures in order to avoid partial or total failure that may lead to safety concerns or substantial property damage.  Inspection reports, signed and sealed by CMT's professional engineers, are submitted for each structure inspected.


  • South Florida Water Management District's Bridge Services Program: CMT was contracted to perform the underwater inspection component for the Bridge Services Program. The primary purpose of the BSP is to identify any deficiencies that may require monitoring and/or repair in order to maintain the operational and structural integrity of these bridges.  Comprehensive inspection reports, signed and sealed by CMT's professional engineers, were developed by CMT and submitted to the client.


  • Southwest Florida Water Management District - Water Control Structure Inspections Underwater Component:CMT was contracted to provide underwater inspection services of water control structures for the Southwest Florida Water Management District. The primary objective of the project was to ensure continued operational integrity of each structure and to avoid partial or total failure that could endanger the safety of the public and cause substance property damage. 


  • Riviera Beach Energy Center Discharge Structure and Outfall Pipeline Inspections: Callaway Marine Technologies, Inc.  completed the underwater inspection of two 90 inch 2,500 ft. discharge pipelines, and associated discharge structures, at the FPL Riviera Beach Energy Center.  The primary purpose of the inspections conducted by CMT was to provide a general condition analysis of the discharge pipelines in order to determine structural and surface repairs, replacements or maintenance required for returning the discharge structures to a quality, finished, durable condition for suitable long term operation.


  • Port Canaveral Repairs to North Cargo Piers and Associated Bulkheads: Callaway Marine Technologies, Inc. (CMT) was contracted to provide quality control and inspection for the Canaveral Port Authority.  CMT staff provided oversight for the installation of over 5000 linear feet of pile jackets, approximately 56,000 square feet of zinc sprayed cathodic protection for the underside of the pier decks, over 6,000 linear feet of cathodic repair of pile caps.   The project also included oversight of spall repairs, crack injections and various other structural repairs. In addition, CMT inspected and tracked the removal of deteriorated concrete, replacement of corroded reinforcement, the installation and testing of the passive cathodic protection system, and the installation of new concrete.   Submittal for the inspection component of the project included a detailed inspection report, field sketches, documentation of field activities and the tabulation of repair quantities.  CMT’s submittals were essential for the Project Owner to make decisions regarding changes to the work.


  • Buckman Lock Inspection and Monitoring: Callaway Marine Technologies Inc. was contracted to develop a Dewatering Plan and to develop and implement an inspection and monitoring program that would allow the dewatering of Buchman Lock in a systematic and controlled manner. The Dewatering Plan included system design and calculations for dewatering the structure at precise rates prescribed by the owner that would allow for monitoring so that emergency re-watering could be performed if evidence of damage or structure movement was detected. The inspection and monitoring program included 24 hour monitoring of established survey points, inclinometers to detect structure movement, continuous inspection for damage, and piezometer readings to track groundwater levels outside of the structure.


  • City of Lake Worth Ocean Outfall Inspection: CMT performed the underwater inspection of the City of Lake Worth 30” Emergency Ocean Outfall pipeline. CMT also collected core samples of the pipe for evaluation and provided engineering and dive support to pressure test the pipeline.


  • S-65 Tail Water Weir Inspections:  During construction of the structure, CMT was contracted to perform construction inspection, document concrete elevations and check the quality and extents of the concrete tremie pours.  CMT divers drilled numerous cores in grid patterns along the weir that were tested to document concrete strength.


  • El Morro Breakwater Damage Assessment: El Morro is a historic monument in San Juan, Puerto Rico whose construction began in the 16th century. In the 1980’s a breakwater was constructed to provide protection from the waves and currents that were undermining the foundations of the fort. In 2000, a freighter ran into the breakwater. CMT was part of a team assembled to inspect the damage and assess the condition of the breakwater. Research was done into the current status of the structure with respect to the original design requirements, to evaluate if the design criteria were still being met. After collection and evaluation of the information, CMT was instrumental in developing a cost estimate for repair and implementing the restoration plan.


  • Pump Station 357 Construction: Work performed by the CMT dive and inspection team included the underwater inspection of sheetpile and concrete structures, underwater installation of structural components (i.e. tie backs and foundation anchors) and removal of sediment and debris to provide a clear construction foundation for the pump station


  • Outdoor Resorts, Long Key, FL: Project consisted of design and repair of a failing seawall behind several different properties. Repairs included injection of soil stabilizing grout behind the seawall, and injection of expanding polyurethane grout to seal cracks and stop soil migration. After stabilizing the area, a new concrete seawall and dock was formed and poured.


  • Granada Port Inspection:  CMT was contracted to perform an underwater inspection of the commercial shipping port in St George’s, Granada. Divers performed an inspection of the steel sheetpile bulkhead and mooring piles, providing video and still photos documenting the condition of all underwater components and included measurements and descriptions of all deficiencies noted.

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